Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Horse update!

The visible injuries are improving daily. Dixie now has her leg unwrapped and the swelling is minimal! We have some worries with Brody; think that there might be a mis-alignment or some skeletal damage in there as he is having some issues.....time for the chiropractor or physical therapist!
Patches, Michael's pony, who avoided the tornado thanks to his sleepover at the Bryson barn is now adding to the 'trouble' since renewed lameness had us taking him to the vet for X-rays...sure enough, his coffin bone is rotated and we don't have a lot of room before the bone reaches the sole. So now we are onto the world of special shoeing and even more care for the 'one who made it through'. Poor Michael! Not the lucky one any more.
But it is still all postive moving forward at Silver Bits! A super camp and a 'regular' schedule on the books for the Fall!

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