Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dixie gets checked over at the vet school!

Finally gaining weight, but that chin still wasn't healing; time to take action!  The proudflesh seemed to have gone down, but her chin just stayed 'nasty' however many times we cleaned it!  Obviously uncomfortable, it was time to see how we could make her more comfortable.
Lori and I took her to ISU Monday evening...and lo and behold, we were called Tuesday with the news that Dixie had a broken jaw on one side and bone chips.  Poor thing!  The jaw wasn't as much of an issue as it sounds because it was only on one side and the other side had kept it stable.  The jaw was mending, but it was the bone chips in her chin that were causing the continued infection and stopping the healing!  Thanks to a 'local', they took out all the chips and hopefully poor Dixie will be feeling a lot happier soon!  While there, they are also going to do a 'total check', just in case we missed something else!
Poor Dixie!

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